Digger & Dumper Hire

Here at Lewis Groundworks we have over 20 years in digger and driver hire. We have now got this down to a fine art. We offer the following that should be able to take care of any job you may have that wants to be done on a daily basis. Here are your options.

Digger Hire + Driver

  • Micro + Driver
  • 1-1/2 Tonne + Driver
  • 3 Tonne + Driver
  • 8 Tonne + Driver (week minimum)

With this selection of digger and driver options, we can complete any job from a tight side alley with a garden to level, up to a large plot that needs clearing. Be assured all our drivers have worked for us for years and be assured you won’t find better.

Tight Access Team

  • Micro Digger + Track Barrow + 2 Ground Workers/Drivers, or
  • Micro Digger + Driver + 2 Barrow Men

One of our tight access team can take care of any job where access is tight and you need to get muck out and say concrete in. Our teams are groundwork experts and can take care of any foundations or drainage excavations that you may need to complete.

1-1/2 Tonne Digger + 1 Tonne High Tip Dumper + 2 Ground Workers/Drivers

This is our most popular choice. This two man team with 1-1/2 tonne digger + 1 tonne high tip dumper can cope with most work required for foundations etc where you have more than 1.3m width for access. Our expert team can take care of any work you may have for them from ground levelling to a new build house. Our high tip dumpers can even lift and tip straight into skips. This machine does have a max dig depth of 1.5m so for deeper foundations you may need next size.

3 Tonne Digger + 2 Tonne Dumper + 2 Ground Workers/Drivers

This option is for slightly bigger work or where you need to dig deeper than 1.5m. With our expert team and this size of machine, you could level or clear some serious ground or build a few new build houses. Remember our staff are groundwork experts.

5-8 Tonne Digger + 3-4 Tonne Dumper + 2 Ground Workers/Drivers (Week Minimum)

This is a serious team. This kit and our guys can do some serious work. Whether it’s a 4m deep Thames Water Sewer, deep foundations or some serious excavation, we have the skills to do it.

When you employ any of our teams, you also have the full help of Lewis Groundworks behind you. We know everything there is to know about groundworks.


Our Prices include

  • Delivery/Collection
  • Diesel Used
  • All Small Tools
  • Theft Insurance

When you hire one of our teams you also get the benefit of the team’s small tools. These include:

  • Laser Level
  • Electric Breakers
  • Compaction Plate
  • Hand Tools
  • Petrol Cutter
  • and more

You can also hire a breaker that fits on the machine for breaking concrete at an additional daily charge.

Call us today and we can talk you through your best option and talk prices.

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